We are currently accepting applications for the below Executive Board roles. 

If you think you would be an ideal candidate for any of these positions, please submit a short statement of interest (1-2 paragraphs) by September 15th, 2019to nycmgsn@gmail.com. All candidates must be willing to serve for 1 year and be available to attend one meeting a month.

Please share this with anyone who may be interested in joining and do not hesitate to reach out with questions regarding the roles or organization.

President: The President is responsible for driving the general vision and direction of MGSN. They will also work to build sustainable relationships with industry and academic connections.

Vice President: The Vice President works closely with the President to support and implement the MGSN mission and direction.

Fiscal Officer: Duties and responsibilities of the fiscal officer include providing oversight on how the organization’s funds are being spent and managed. The candidate must demonstrate organizational skills, maintain detailed records, and be able to use Microsoft Office programs, such as Excel.

** Please note that the above positions are generally held for 1-2 years and will work closely with the Advisory Board for the first 6 months of their tenure. These are ideal positions for second year graduate students and above. **

Webmaster: The Webmaster will be in charge of maintaining and updating MGSN’s various online web tools, including nycmgsn.org and the MGSN Facebook and Twitter accounts. Familiarity with online social networks is required; website experience is recommended, but not required.

Marketing Chair: The Marketing chair is responsible for helping to disseminate information regarding MGSN’s news and events. Creative ideas, particularly in promoting and marketing events, would be helpful for this position.

Events Chair: The Events chair coordinates with the executive and advisory board, along with other research institutions and industry organizations to plan and coordinate MGSN events. This could include events such as happy hours, group outings and professional and career development events.

Community Service and Recruitment Chair: The Community Service and Recruitment chair helps recruit members to participate in organizing MGSN events, working with institutional representatives, and filling open leadership positions on the executive board. In the past, they have also worked closely with community organizations to bring STEM into local classrooms

Institutional Representative: Institutional Representatives work with the Recruitment and/or Marketing chair to help disseminate event information at their respective institutions. This ensures that information gets shared widely. It is an ideal role for someone who is a first year PhD student but we are happy to have candidates regardless of where they are in their graduate studies. Ideally, we would like two (2) representatives per academic institution.

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