Communicating your science: How to do it effectively and clearly beyond academia

March 26, 2015 @ Mount Sinai School of Medicine

The first in a series of workshops aimed to help our members bolster their science and communication skills. This interactive workshop led by Luis Quevedo, the current editor and host of CST (Ciencia, Salud, y Tecnologia) on channel NTN24, provided insights and experiences about the field of science communication. Luis Quevedo has worked with various media outlets and as a former producer for NPR’s Science Friday, was responsible for creating, producing, and hosting the weekly podcast for a Spanish speaking audience. Luis has years of expertise in communicating science to the public and gave hands-on advice to help hone and improve attendees' science pitch. The "Science Pitch" communication exercise had attendees submit a short video pitch of 2-3 minutes explaining their research project or any scientific topic of personal interest. Luis reviewed the videos offered in-session feedback on how to better present science to a general audience.