MGSN Networking and IDPs Workshop

December 4, 2014 @ CUNY Graduate Center

Having well-defined career goals and a strong professional network will give you a certain leg-up in your graduate studies and life beyond. This event presented an interactive two-part workshop to learn strategies for building a professional network to learn strategies for building a professional network, and guidelines for creating an effective professional development plan.

 Because scientists spend most of their time in the laboratory conducting research, they often fail to recognize the importance of building professional connections. Networking is vital to professional success both in and out of academia. In this interactive workshop led by Dr. Thomas Magaldi, MGSN members learned straightforward strategies for building and maintaining professional connections, critical for career success. Attendees practiced their elevator pitch, and identified people who are currently in their network and people who they would like to add.           

Today’s doctoral trainees face the challenge of competing for limited academic positions or entering “alterative careers” in science. Both options require a diverse set of skills and credentials that are not always obtained in the course of your scientific training. It is therefore essential that each trainee develops a strategic plan for success based on their personal career goals and skill needs. This plan, known as an Individual Development Plan (IDP), can be created with the assistance of the myIDP interactive web-based career-planning tool as discussed by Christine Gonzalez.  This portion of the event highlighted the importance of an IDP, providing a walkthrough of the myIDP web tool and while teaching strategies on how to effectively formulate and complete your goals.