MGSN Science Cafe

February 19, Rockefeller University

Grad Student talks by:

Russell Ledet (NYU School of Medicine): Elucidation of the phosphoproteome of Homeodomain Interacting Protein Kinase II in castration-resistant prostate cancer

Alessandro Bailetti (NYU School of Medicine): Identifying new modulators of blood cell development using Drosophila as a low complexity model of leukemia

MGSN hosted a Science Café at The Rockefeller University featuring Alessandro Bailetti (NYU Sackler) and Russell Ledet (NYU Sackler). At a conference room at Rockefeller, these graduate students were able to present their research to peers from an array of NYC institutions.

The audience offered feedback and support to both Alessandro and Russell, suggesting new experiments and requesting clarification over pizza and soft drinks.

Alessandro Bailetti, a graduate student in the Bach Lab at NYU Langone, discussed his work searching for new modulators of JAK/STAT signalling and blood cell development. He is using the Hop Tum-l tumor phenotype model as a low complexity model of human leukemia. By conducting a screen of Drosophila deficiency lines, he has already started to implicate potential candidate genes.

Russell Ledet, a graduate student in the Logan and Garabedian Lab at NYU Langone, is using a chemical-genetic approach to study Homeodomain Interacting Protein Kinase II (HIPK2), an androgen receptor co-regulator that is associated with castration resistant prostrate cancer. He engineered this kinase to accept bulky ATPγS analogues in order to tag the substrates of the kinase, which enables them to be affinity purified for analysis by mass spectrometry.

Science, pizza, and conversation were enjoyed by all.

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